Birding Pipeline Road Panama!

Birding Pipeline Road Panama

Birding Pipeline Panama and Kaiyote Tours are partners in providing you with amazing trips to Panama.  We offer half day, full day, and multi-day trips throughout Panama and any time of year.   

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We offer numerous trips to Panama throughout the year.  Some of the tours are scheduled, but we often add last minute trips, and we can accommodate personal requests. 

When to go? 

The dry season is from December through March.  September through November is a wonderful time of year to visit Panama; it will rain, the rain is beautiful, and everything is very green. And remember, that raptor migration is in October/November for birds heading south and then in April for birds heading north.  If the raptors can travel during the rainy season, it is not a problem for a birding trip as well. 

You can visit Gamboa any time of year, but the end of the rainy season, from September - November is the most beautiful time of year because everything is green. 

The best time to visit The Darien is mid-January through March.  It is possible to visit during the rainy season, but the trails will be muddy and slippery. 

You can visit The Chiriquí Cloud Forest any time of year. 

You can visit Bocas del Toro any time of year. The rainy season does not interrupt outdoor activities. 

Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle

Two-toed Sloth

Two-toed Sloth