Birding Panama Schedule


We offer multi-day trips throughout Panama, anytime of year.  

We have three levels or types of tours.  Most are 10-day tours, but we can also customize a tour for you.  We are happy to create a special, on-demand tour as you wish. 

1)  Green Tours are scheduled during the rainy season from May - October.  "Don't be scared of the rain!"  The rainy season is green and beautiful and although it might rain every day, usually it rains for only a few hours. And there will be many days that it does not rain at all.  The rain will not interfere with birding or the tour.   Our Green Tours are the most economical. If you are a budget conscious traveler, consider a Green Tour.  Please go to the Green Tours page for more info and current schedule, or click on a link below. 

2)  Gold Tours are schedule during the dry season from November - April.  These tours have the same booking conditions as the Green Tours, but because they occur during the peak season, the price is more expensive.   In Panama in can rain any time of year, so even though it is the dry season, you should always be prepared for rain. Please go to the Gold Tours page for more info and schedule, or click on a link below. 

3)  Royal Tours are schedule a few times a year, and can also occur by request.  These tours are "Door to Door" service level of tours.  They are all inclusive and we will meet you at the airport, and drop you off at the airport.  The tour will have a group leader, as well as a birding guide.  On our Royal Tours you will have a complete, full service tour.  All you need to do if buy your international airfare.  We will handle the rest. Please go to the Royal Tours page for more info and schedule, or click on a link below. 

If you are interested in a multi-day tour, please click on one of the links below, or if you are on the mobile site, use the drop down box for "Tours" to view specific destinations.

Green Tours   |   Gold Tours   |   Royal Tours

If you are interested in day tours, you can find more info on our pricing page or by clicking here:  Pricing

White-fronted Nunbird

White-fronted Nunbird

Golden-fronted Greenlet

Golden-fronted Greenlet